Quick Shipper

Quick Shipper is an integrated platform for shipping with multiple shipping carriers. Quick Shipper makes shipping extremely Quick while still ensuring compliance with the shipping carrier and also updating your backend order entry system with tracking information.

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Multiple Shipping Carriers

We integrate with multiple shipping carriers and can rate shop between carriers to ensure you always get the best price no matter what size package you're shipping!

Backoffice integration

We can operate either as a standalone software for shipping with an addressbook or we can integrate directly with your ERP or Backoffice Systems.

Existing Equiment

If you're uprading from another shipping system most of the investment you have already made is an easy transition to Quick Shipper.

Our Software Features

We have all the features of the big guys and since we actually work in the industry we've taken the liberty to remove the pain points!

Auto shipping allows a shipper to continuously ship packages by just scanning a license plate on the package.

Packing Slips have never been so easy. We've added a label packing slip option so it can be applied at the time of shipping.

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Customize for Efficiency

We are willing to work with you to customize with your specifications. This will allow for the most efficient shipping possible.

By customizing your software you will be able to streamline your processes and save costs. Even a few seconds per package has a huge impact over the course of a day, month, year!

We already have many options available out of the box to make you the most efficient possible.

We have worked in the industry and know the pains of modern distributors so we strive to help where we can.

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For now you can download our tear sheet for more information.

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Contact Us

Feel free to use this form to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you explore options for your new project or schedule a live demo of our software.

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